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About us

The college aims at educating personnel in the fields of finance and economics who have international perspectives, based on the educational principles of the university. Apart from all kinds of financial and economic professional programs, our departments focus in particular on foreign language and computer applications courses in response to international financial and economic trends, as well as the strong demand for professionals in these fields.

  Our curriculum is designed both theoretically and practically to strengthen the competitiveness of our students in the job market. A variety of general courses are provided in line with our university’s educational philosophy of a well-rounded education and is expected to turn our students into professionals with sound personalities, skills, virtues, and senses of responsibility.

  In addition to paying attention to students’ studies and lives, our students are also required to finish all kinds of assignments during the summer and winter vacations, and for them to spend time on self-improvement. Our students will be well-trained as the financial and economic professionals necessary for economic and industrial development of our country. Academic exchange across nations and the Strait will also be enhanced to expand the international vision of our faculty and students.

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